Cloner is not cloning my site.

I've just installed WP Multisite on my host provider and also on my localhost. On localhost, I did it with My main site works fine. Then I installed WPMU DEV CLONER and tried to clone my site. It seems that the 9 DB tables are created with the wp_2_ prefix. But they are all empty. Then I tried to edit the cloned site via the Customizr. The edit on the clone site changed info on the main site. It's when I found out that the wp_2_ db tables were empty. The CLONER is set to clone everything.

I thought all wp_2_ db tables would be cloned identically to the wp_ tables. I am mistaken? Also, I thought that editing the Cloned site through themes->personalize would edit just the cloned site. What I am doing wrong?

PS. I am very familiar with Wordpress, but unfamiliar with Multisite.