Cloner Issues with Creating New Site on Multisite/Multi-Network Configuration

Good day. I appreciate any assistance that you might offer.

Description first:
We have a Multi-site/Multi-Network configuration running. the networks are configured as sub directory with the following network configurations:
each network is multisite with a different user group as site owners.

We want to use cloner to clone differently configured sites on some of the networks to new sites on those networks. i.e. we have and we want to clone it to

If we create site2 before hand, cloner works as expected.

If we select create new site - cloner creates a new site in the root network ( called If cloner is only active on the network it will not clone the site after the site creation. If we have cloner network active on all networks, it will clone the site, but to the wrong network.

is there any way to force cloner to clone the sites to the correct network??

Again, thanks for any help you can provide.

the results vary considerably. If cloner is only network activated on the network, then cloner