Cloner's site migration and functionality

Reading through the Cloner Plugin and community posts. Produced more questions than answers.
Questions are:
1. Have the issues raised in the community forum been addressed?

2. Let's say I want to clone "Source Site-A" and migrate it to "Target Site-B." Does Cloner Over-write the Target Site Database? Or is necessary to create a new/or fresh "db" in order to complete the process?

3. Should all plugins except for "Cloner" be deactivated prior to cloning?

4. Can it handle or write to a Relational Database Service like the ones used by Amazon's Web Services?

I am familiar with a plugin called "Duplicator" and the ability to over-write an existing 'db' is somewhat questionable.

Please accept my apology for all the questions. However, the answers are critical factors in assisting my decisions as to which site development procedure to implement.

As always, Thanks in-advance for all input and feedback.

  • Vaughan

    Hi @george,

    Hope you're well?

    #1 Which issues are you referring to exactly? there have been many, but many have also been fixed. If you could list the ones you are referring to I can get an answer for those :slight_smile:

    #2 Cloner will either replace the site completely, or you can tell it to create a new site.

    #3 That's not necessary, the only reason I can think of asking that is maybe server resources such as memory, but generally, this isn't required.

    #4 It should work on the same database as the multisite install, If i'm mistaken then apologies, but it sounds like you are wanting to use cloner to copy 1 site to another completely different install (ie. not on the same multisite or database), cloner will only work on the same multisite network, it isn't a migration plugin that can be used to move sites from one server/domain to another.

    Hope this helps

  • George

    Hello @Vaughan,

    Hope you are having a great as well...

    Thanks for the prompt reply, and providing insight as to Cloner's functionality.
    Question #1...Was more of a general observation type query.

    Question #2....Was seeking a confirmation to make sure I had clarity on how the cloning process actually worked, and to see if there were any specialty items to watch out for.

    But numbers: 3 & 4 were my main focus/or concern, and your answers gave me the kind of information I need. Because the inability to clone a site or network of sites on say Server-A. Thus producing a dot-zip that can be migrated and installed on a completely different server. Is a major drawback for my needs.

    Because I know the "Duplicator Plugin" does have this as one of it's features/or functionalities.

    (Might be a developmental consideration for the next release of "Cloner")

    Anyhow, thanks for the much needed info. and WMPU-DEV Team still ROCKS in my book.

    Thanks again, bye now...Now, with all the questions out of the way. I can get busy building websites...!

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