Set our home page with all 100% of its attributes as the default page for newly created subdomains

Hello...I seemed to have reached a major stumbling block. I am new to wpmudev. I'm on a trial membership trying to determine if it has the resources to help me.

We have installed Multisite and have our wildcard and everything setup and we love it so far. We also love the wpmudev dashboard plugin as well. Everything is working great except for...

Here's are issue. Our main home page for our main site is here we're trying to get that identical page 100% with all the attributes to be set as the default so that when we create new subdomains they will have that page to begin with as a default. Sounds simple. It probably is but again were new to this.

We have tried the Multisite Content Copier plugin which didn't work. It only copied content not the entire page and no visual components.

We have tried the Cloner plugin and for what ever reason it wont clone the site. It just keeps saying "we're setting up your new blog" when we navigate to the page...we can't access the dasboard of that subdomain

We have also tried the New Blog Template plugin but we get a message on that saying that we cannot create a template from the main site which is what we need.

In short is there anyone who can tell us or show us how to take our main page with ALL of the attributes & visual components and set it as the default for newly created subdomains on our network.

Thanks so much!