Close to Lifetime Membership ... looking to earn points!

Hi all,

I've been absent for a few months and I realize I'm just shy of a Lifetime Membership by about 80 points and I've got less than 3 weeks to earn them. If any one has ideas on specific tasks or help needed (other than the standard answering in the forum), let me know. If you're feeling generous and want to help put me "over the top", that's appreciated too!


  • Mark Wallace


    I have been wondering what happened to you!

    I have lots of things i could use some help with, and would be willing to give the points you need.

    What are you comfortable with. I have everything from setting up Gforms on over 3149 website, Need some Video tutorials, or even some NetWork set ups. I am swamped trying to launch my personal projects.

    Let me know, I will be glad to get you there. i was trying to find that membership video you did for other members, but could not locate it. If you have the thread post it here, that might get you some points as well.

    Thanks Mark!
    Be Blessed!

  • Mark Wallace


    I got mine in about 4 months by using this method!

    i saved everything! Follow the developers and staff methods. If they share a plugin save the link, then look for other people with the same need and give them that link. Ask as many dumb questions as you want, that way you will be more understanding with new members as they learn too!

    So learn, and share what you learn, as you help people out the staff will reward you with points when the members you help don;t give them.

    You will get there!
    Welcome to the community!
    Be Blessed!

  • Solo-Man

    I'm kind of a comment/forum addict, and I've been around the block and then some with Wordpress, so I should be fine. Not going to go the route of saving what other people say so I can collect points, but hopefully people will give me points for helping anyway, heh. Seems it might be an issue that most of the people who ask questions on here are in single digits point wise and might not even know that they could give points if they wanted to. I've got a full year though, and if I have to maybe I'll bribe people in the last month like that other guy did giving away some sort of paid plugin he had up on Code Canyon, haha

  • Mark Wallace

    I save everything because, i learn so much that it is really hard to remember it all! I share it, so i can get other members feedback, and form new idea's by helping them. I have given away over 1,000 points. << Cheerfully!

    Usually i come across a problem that i need some custom code or a member shares a good plugin i need to fix a problem, then i will drop large points for the help.

    I also follow threads that are about plugins i am not currently using, just so i can learn about them, then often times share that with people as well. as i find members who seem to always help people out, then i will give them points for being helpful.

    I hope to see all the helpful members earn life time memberships. It is really cool when you see people really get into helping others here, and i love when i see people dropping code snippets left and right. Like @Maxaud and @ROiBOT they fix about every problem with custom code, then i save it to files with their names on it. lol

    I have files with many members names and all the custom code, or links i see them share, then each month i try to compile it into a manageable archive.

    I've got a full year though, and if I have to maybe I'll bribe people in the last month

    Let em know when i can put in special request. lol :p

    Nice Meeting You!
    Be Blessed!

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