[cloud importing] cloud importing plugin

It would be awesome if WPMU Dev created a plugin that let you import files from the following:
- Dropbox
- Google Drive
- FTP/Web Server
- Onedrive
- and the other cloud based storage services

It could do what mover does but I don't think it has aa wordpress itnegration. Here is mover:

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hi cornelius_butler

    I hope you're well today!

    The mover service doesn't seem to have any WordPress integration and I think there's no need for such integration. If I correctly understand the service purpose, it's all about migration between cloud accounts - so it's mostly a file/configuration migration between different clouds.

    An example case scenario could be: you're running a company where different departments store their project in different clouds: marketing's using Google Drive, sales are using Dropbox and so on. But you just want to put everything in one place on OneDrive. Mover would be perfect tool to do such migration.

    If you're referring to similar tool for WordPress, I assume that what you mean would mostly be an ability to import files from various clod accounts to your site to store them locally (usually in Media Library). I imagine that this could be like:

    - you connect all your cloud storage accounts to your site
    - whenever you want to add some file (e.g. PDF or a zip file for download) to your site then you just select it from your site's back-end (just like you would select an image from Media Library) instead of downloading it from the cloud and manually uploading to your site.

    Would that be about right?

    Or is it some different scenario that I'm missing? Let me know please as I'd like to be sure that I correctly understand what you're suggesting :slight_smile:

    Best regards,

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