cloud speech to text plugins

Do you know of any wordpress plugins that use this technology?

  • Jordan
    • Volunteer Pizza Eater

    I wouldn't imagine there are any at the moment because the standard and free text to speech is sufficient for most websites that would need to use it. I think that Google's premium text-to-speech is for more specialized requirements such as impaired vision or language learning applications.

    However, I would imagine a developer would have no trouble integrating it into WordPress using Google's API, just look out for the costs as it isn't free.

    As this is the third thread you've posted on this topic, could I ask what your use is for these technologies? You may find other, free solutions more suitable for your requirements.


  • Tony G
    • Mr. LetsFixTheWorld

    I've done work with both text to speech (speech synthesis) and speech to text (voice recognition). Creating a plugin for such things is just a matter of connecting dots, invoking web services at the right time, trying not to make users wait too long for responses. The only challenge is trying to get a balance between quality, cost, investment of time. Oh yes, and getting someone to pay for it.

    So yeah, what's on yer mind?

  • Nahid
    • Tech Support

    Hey cornelius_butler !
    Hope you are having a great day!

    I tried searching around but couldn't find a WordPress plugin that is dependant on Google's Cloud Speech-to-Text platform. Here's a couple alternatives from the WordPress plugin depository you might find interest it.

    Hope this helps. Let us know if you need any further help regarding this. Thanks!

    Kind regards,

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