Cloudflare causing problems on my site

Hi, One of the Trustees on the Board of the museum I support with our WP site couldn’t find any of the material he submitted and I posted into several wikis. When I did a search using his name, the author of the material, I got an error message that I had never sen before. It originated from Cloudflare. I called Cloudflare and was told that WP is built on top of Cloudflare and I should contact you for support.

Here is some pertinent info:

NOTE: the problems occur on the front end, what the user sees, not the back end (from the dashboard).

1. I use the default WP search as we had problems with Google search

2. I don’t know exactly when this error started, but it is very recent – definitely within the past month or two.

3. In attempting to do a search, one of three things occurs:

– I get an error message originating from Cloudflare

– Instead of going to the relevant page from a search, it goes back to the home page

– sometimes, with low frequency, I actually get search results

4. I have not added any NEW plugins or themes in the past few months (since before this problem started occurring).

5. I update plugins, themes and WP as they have an update, in other words, almost daily.

6. I have searched my site using cpanel and I have absolutely no instances of either ‘’ or the word cloudflare within my site, but I get a cloudflare originated error when doing a search.

7. We do not use cloudflare. This error results from WP being built on top of cloudflare (per the cloudflare tech I spoke to at their HQ).

Please help!

I am enabling support access, but you can reproduce the problems by just going to, click Table of Contents, choose a topic, then use the search box.

Mary Todd, SysAdmin/Developer

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