Code Fix for Appointments+

So I have applied the mu-plugin patch to Appointments+ to get the Cancel link in confirmation emails working. Sadly after doing so I found that users must be logged in to cancel an appointment. After reconfiguring the settings for Appointments+ I tested the social login features etc. The built-in ones are barely functional and sorely need to be updated.... so I went looking for a better solution.

I installed the 'AccessPress Social Login Lite' plugin to allow site visitors to log in with Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts as well as the regularWordPress login. This plugin is a gem - works exactly as described and is easy to set up - with full instructions.

Then in testing, I see that I go to the page to make an appointment and am greeted with the notice:

You need to login to make an appointment. Please click here to register/login: Login
The login link does indeed take the user to the login page, but after login does not redirect to the page to make an appointment! This is bad UX.

Here is what I propose:
Please make a change to the Appointments+ plugin file:
plugins/appointments/includes/class_app_codec.php - at line 354 as follows

public function replace_login_page () {
/* NOTE: This is the original code line */
return '' . __('Login','appointments') . '';
/* REPLACE with the line below */
return '' . __('Login','appointments') . '';

This change simple redirects the user after login back to the appointments page (for this link only).