Code Works in functions.php, but Stops Working in Plugin (CF7)

I have a multisite config w/ members creating new sites. The code below allows me to insert a shortcode into CF7's Email Recipient field. The shortcode grabs the site admin's email address and uses it to send emails. When added to functions.php, this code works fine. I need this functionality on every new site created. So, I moved this code to a plugin, and it stops working. Anyone see why it's not working in a plugin?

//* Contact Form 7 Email Recipient Shortcode

function bloginfoSC( $atts ) {
             extract(shortcode_atts(array(       'value' => '',   ), $atts));
             return get_bloginfo($value);
add_shortcode('bloginfo', 'bloginfoSC');

add_filter( 'wpcf7_form_elements', 'mycustom_wpcf7_form_elements' );
function mycustom_wpcf7_form_elements( $form ) {
$form = do_shortcode( $form );
return $form;

// Allow custom shortcodes in CF7 mailed message body
add_filter( 'wpcf7_mail_components', 'dacrosby_do_shortcodes_wpcf7_mail_recipient', 10, 2 );
function dacrosby_do_shortcodes_wpcf7_mail_recipient( $components, $number ) {
    $components['recipient'] = do_shortcode( $components['recipient'] );
    return $components;