Collapsing and Expanding Comments


Do you have a plugin or know a good way to have all comments collapsed where folks have to click on them before they begin to expand out?

Also, would like to control how many show at one time (all at once, 10 at a time, 5 at a time etc etc)?



  • Elliott Bristow
    • The Bug Hunter

    Hi Greg,

    There's two things to address here... one is easy!

    You can paginate comments (limiting the number of comments that show) using the Settings > Discussion > Other Comment Settings.

    The option you want looks like:

    Break comments into pages with [ X ] top level comments per page and the [ Last/First ] page displayed by default

    As far as hiding the comments is concerned. I'm not aware of a plugin that does this for you, so you might need to look at coding a jQuery script to add to your theme. Might I suggest listing a job on our Job board at

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