collapsing/combining/merging mu tables

I am planning a WP 3 site running 100,000 sites with visitors and site owners around the world, running Buddypress. Instead of having 10+ tables for each blog, I'd like to have 1 table for all the blogs and add a site_id column to those tables. I know there are pros and cons with this. I also know that th WP developers chose to "shard" the data by splitting each site's data into their own set of tables ( Is this method indeed "sharding"?

I know I will have to modify some WPMS/MU db code and/or each MU plugin to properly use my modified db schema.

I also know there are several Multi DB plugins out there including multi-db and sharDB which is definitely an option.

Would collapsing/combining/merging mu tables into one be of much use or is it a better idea (performance, manageability, backup, etc) use a multi-db plugin?

Thank you very much!

  • Mason

    Hyia csnmedia,

    First off, welcome to WPMU DEV!

    I'm going to task a few of our developers to respond to this and explain a few of the pros and cons of this approach. It's not something we ever recommend for the average user.

    Our own multi-db plugin (combined with a good memcahce configuration) has provided solid performance for us on many larger networks. Still, never hurts to discuss different options.

    Thanks for posting!

  • csnmedia

    Thank you very much, masonjames! As a point of clarification, I am open to any multi-db approaches including multi-db plugins. It also seems like these approaches are much more prevalent and would obviously require less code changes, making upgrading WP core and plugins easier.

    Also, in addition to having multiple DBs for the sake of segmenting, I'm guessing that having some (a strategic set) of these DB servers load balanced is a good idea eventually.

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