Collect user info before downloading a file

Hello all,

I’ve been searching for a solution for this for days and need some help.

I have a client who needs to collect some user data before allowing a specific file to be downloaded.

They need a simple form to pop-up and collect custom data – just name, e-mail, company and URL, though they may want to add other fields later on.

After submitting the form, the download link for the specific file is shown, along with some text and possibly an image.

I can’t find anything like this that’s not part of some huge shopping cart package.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance!

  • camparoo
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    This might be a different direction than your client was planning, but I use the ‘Members’ plugin for a client who doesn’t want to charge for data, but does want user info on all viewers before sharing his special content.

    Example of this is here:

    Non-members can see names of new files available for review (check out the sidebar on the site link above), but cannot access the actual content ’till they log into the site (becoming members). In my example, this client provides me with info, which I upload as pdf files. I then make links to the files on a page that requires membership access. I also add the same link titles to a non-members page, but these links use a URL that bring users to a log-in page.

    This provides my client with contact info on anyone registering to see this data (all info he requires – and this can include a plethora of options he isn’t seeking, that go far beyond what you suggested – as well as a terms of agreement check box if so desired with another WPMU DEV handy plug-in).

    I can track how often current users access new data, and have a very concise list of all users who have requested access to membership areas with their contact info.

    I know your client would like specific files for specific ‘orders’, but if you could ‘sell’ this work-around, it would resolve a lot of the issues in play.

    If this must be on a file-specific basis, MarketPress is the most user-friendly shopping cart I have ever dealt with, and, yes, you’ll need to use a shopping cart to add this kind of specificity to what you are attempting to do. If you are unfamiliar with shopping cart plug-ins, this is the way to go.

    You’ll get excellent support here, and, honestly, you’ll learn a new marketable skill too, right?

    I swear, it is not nearly as scary as you think it is! I did my first cart with MarketPress and am now on my 17th? I think? Anyway, it’s just all good fun now :o). I’ll hold your hand if need be!

    Just keep in mind that you are the designer, and you are hired to give the client not just web design, but web advice. If you can do one idea more effectively (faster, cheaper, and better) then sell the client on what is best for them and you!

  • camparoo
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    Sorry if my input was unclear – you need to use the tools available to you to make what your client wants to work correctly. There are multiple tools to make this work in the way you described, with editing. The shopping cart could provide the desired result, even if no cash were required. A shopping cart does suggest cash trading hands, but is not necessary for commerce. If a trade of information was all that was required, then that would still be a ‘shopping cart’ w/o a cash exchange.

    Your statement was “I can’t find anything like this that’s not part of some huge shopping cart package.” That does not not in any way indicate that your client is not interested in a shopping cart. If I misunderstood your statement, I am sorry. You can easily use MarketPress to do exactly what you described as to what you are seeking. Without sales, or tax, or cash – just providing a very specific free product requiring entered data.

    If your client does not seek a completely automated system, well, this is far more simple, but I don’t think this is in any way what you are looking for.

    Just FYI: Quite often, I have sought a solution that does not currently exist. Rather than write my own software, I find ways to make excellent existing programming work for me. I wasn’t suggesting that either of these plug-ins would do exactly what you needed them to do out of the box. I was suggesting that this is where you should start in creating a client-specific requested product. Stuff clients dream up doesn’t always equate to finished programming needs, but I am sure the guys and gals here would be happy to assist you with any specific programming requests if you need to hire outside help.

    If you are seeking an out-of-the-box product that complies exactly with your needs for something so very specific, check out the link on the bottom-right of your screen “Request a new plugin, theme, or service”.

    Otherwise, please, stop being close-minded about what plug-ins can and cannot do.

  • Arun Basil Lal
    • New Recruit

    Hey fusionx22,

    I couldn’t find an exact plugin, but here are some ideas.

    – Use a contact form builder plugin (like the contact form 7) to collect user information and then email the info to a dedicated email account for the same. Set an auto-response for this email with a download link.

    This method works because the user will have to give a valid email to get the download link and there is no workaround for that.

    – Use contact from 7 plugin

    It has an option to redirect the user to a different page on a successful submission. Redirect the user to a page with the download link.

    I hope this helps. Good luck!

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