Collecting Political Contributions Online Will Fundraising plugin work for this?

I am working on a political election site. I don't like our Contribute Page.

Will the Fundraising Plugin solve these problems? If not, got a suggestion that is inexpensive and easy?

1) We have to collect info by law, can't just let them hit a Donate/Contribute button.

2) I used Gravity Forms' cheapest version but it doesn't seem to integrate Form with Donate button, so to save info, they first hit Submit, then it saves and brings them back to the top of the Contribute Page.

Then they have to scroll down to hit PayPal button. Seems a bit much to ask of someone who is giving you money. Plus it will be confusing to some users.

3) I would also like to use boxes with various amounts like this page does. Not necessary, just looks nice.

Actually if it looked like this one and allowed ONE button for all the goods, I'd be thrilled.

4) It looks like Fundraising might work. I could leave extras out and I like the idea of the Thank Yous and some of the other goodies in there.

What do you think is best option? Second best option?

Kodiak, Alaska

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Maggie,

    I hope you're having a nice day!

    Our Fundraising would meet most of your needs here in my opinion, however it won't support "out of the box" the "get legal info" requirement.

    It does let you set goal (if necessary) and set campaign dates as well as create different "levels of donation". I took a look at that example site that you shared and although it won't look the same it can be made pretty close to this with some additional CSS.

    As for the main requirement - that is gathering legal info - an additional solution would be necessary here.

    The "default" solution would be to use Membership 2 Pro plugin to protect part (the one that includes payment buttons) of the fundraising page with a membership so donors would have to signup to be able to make a donation. Membership 2 Pro works nicely with BuddyPress that includes "x-profile fileds" feature that would let you create all the fields needed to get required information. Those would be then displayed on a registration form.

    I suppose though that you'd like to avoid forcing contributors to register on your site. This may be a bit more complex but it is doable with some additional plugins.

    I assume that you already use Gravity Forms and do have a proper form. You could then use this plugin that requires visitors to "complete a goal before proceeding":

    The "goal" can be filling a form and the plugin, according to the description, should integrate with Gravity Forms (scroll the page down a bit for explanation):

    I think this should do the trick. Take a look at those plugins please and let me know if you have any further questions on this.

    Best regards,

  • Maggie
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Just wanted to get back to you and let you know I think your suggestion had a lot to offer but is WAY over my head.

    I decided to use the simple version of Gravity Forms for the legal information and then when they hit Submit, it takes them to the next page, which I think is called the response.

    Normally it would be where you put the Thank You and Your Freebie is on the Way. But I put in a DONATE Button that takes them to PayPal.

    Made it a two page, two step process, more like people are used to doing online.

    Here is link--and do consider contributing!--since this is all still in flux, it may become a bad link. But I do best when people SHOW me what they did, so I'm including it in the hopes that it helps a future person.

    Form for Legal Election Donation Info

    PayPal Buttons Page Which you cannot get to without filling out forms, so here's the link

    Thanks Everyone!


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