Colors not being saved correctly in Upfront Builder (not Editor!)

Hello Guys!

There is a problem in the Upfront Builder. I have set several #ufc color variables. When I implement a color variable on an element, in the builder the element is changed and showed correctly. However, when I go to my homepage ( it showes totally different collors. See the attachment for an example. Pay attention! This is an issue about the Upfront Builder. I have NO instance of the Upfront Editor saved in my database. My homepage showes my Home Template directly.

[image pos="1"]

I am almost sure this is a bug in the Upfront Builder. What I noticed here is that the Upfront Editor is far less buggier than the Builder. Howerever, we are creating a theme now, so we can't use the Editor at this time....

Do you guys have suggestions how I can fix this problem?

Thanks a lot!