Combination of Plugins to use

Hi guys,

I'm trying to work out the combination of plugins I could use for a possible website scenario. I have seen on other posts that the Fundraiser pluging doesn't allow page creation by users so I was thinking that i could allow users to create a site (using ProSites) and then add their own Fundraisers to that.

What I'm trying to achieve is a basic Indiegogo / Kickstarter site but where each 'project' is private and requires and invite to view (I'll work this part out later).

For now, I just need a user to be able to create an account using Social Media, be presented with their 'create your site' page / dialog (all sites will be free and no paid levels), and then be able to immediately setup a Fundraiser on that new site. Do you know how I can do this using just your plugins please?

Many thanks,