Combination of prosites and directory and the right order of installation


I wish to create my niche website with your templates and plugins.

Here is what I have in mind, please advise me what template and plugin should I use:

1. A blog network, like edublogs where each profile is searchable and arranged in a directory type (many businesses will like to submit their info to the directory and I will ask them to run a blog in exchange).

2. Buddypress social functionalities

3. Other capabilities such as events, forums, facebook sign in etc.

What I need to know is what are the main templates I need to install, in order to have the "blog network" and the directory abilities. What order should I install them? Can I later add more capabilities such as events, forums etc,

I also need to know if I need to preinstall wordpress MU or buddypress (even before the templates), or it comes all included? If I need any preinstall, in what order?