Combine all the registration steps into one page

Hi There,
I actually have four questions regarding registration by using ProSite.
I have a theme-selection page like shown in this jpg:

The user select the theme he/she likes by clicking Buy Now button or the Free Trial button, and then he/she will be taken to the user-registration page. The theme-ID will be passed as variable values in the URL.
Q1: WordPress by default breaks down the registration process into two pages, how can I bring everything into one page?
Q2: How can I hide the default WordPress options (give me a site or just a username) - I always give the user a site
Q3: How do I get the theme-ID variable value and then give the user the site they selected?
Q4: If the user choose buy directly instead of trial first, how ProSite handles that?

Really appreciate your help!


  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi @Leo

    #1 & #3 I'm not entirely sure about the passing of the theme ID. but maybe you could use our New Blog Templates plugin, which will allow them to select a theme template that they can use when signing up for a blog.

    #2 You can use this code snippet from here

    #4 If a user goes with direct purchase, then verify their account via email, once done, they login and click pro site (or whatever you called it in the settings), they can then checkout for the pro site. If you don't want users to have free blogs, then you can enable the 'Pay to Blog' module in the Network Dashboard > Pro-sites > Modules/Gateways page

    Hope this helps

  • Leo
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Hi Vaughan,
    Thank you very much for your help. I'm almost there - the New Template Plugin and the code snippet really worked. However, it then comes with three other questions.

    Q1 - I still don't know how to combine the WP two-(pages)steps registration into one single page.

    Q2- For ProSites, I enabled the option "Show Option On Signup" and that gives me this on the signup page:

    But what I've found out is that if the user selects option1 or 2, it makes no difference at all.

    Q3-For ProSites, I enabled the Premium Theme option, also, for the New Template Plugin, I enabled the feature "Show templates selection on registration" so that the user can select the theme they want. However, the themes that belongs to Premium Theme are not shown on the sign-up page. Please let me know how to show the Premium Themes on the Signup page so that the users know how appealing are the themes and they can try them and then eventually will purchase them after the trial expires.


  • Jack Kitterhing
    • Code Norris

    Hi there Leo,

    Hope your well today and sorry about the extreme delay here.

    Regarding 1: Unfortunately that isn't currently possible out of the box, that would require re-writing the whole registration process. I'll add that as a feature request for you :slight_smile:

    Q2: Once the signup is completed, if they've selected they're interested, they should be presented with the choice to pick their pro site level, or is this not working correctly?

    Q3: Unfortunately they are currently filtered out, though you could perhaps make them as demo sites? So the visitors could still see the themes :slight_smile:

    Thank you!

    Kind Regards

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