Combining the use of Ultimate Branding, Custom Admin Bars, and Footer Content

Upon testing out the Ultimate Bradning and Custom Admin Bar Plugins, I have a suggestion.

It seems as though the spirit and function of the Ultimate Branding plugin is to propagate the network's brand across all sites. While I enjoy the global footer and various other options the Ultimate Branding plugin allows, In some cases it would be nice to allow my users to customize their own admin bars. Ultimate Branding does not show up in the individual sites' admin sections, and this ability is therefore not possible.

To that end the Custom Admin Bar plugin will work if network installed; but you get a warning from the site admin section stating that there's a conflict with Ultimate Branding.

I think it would be great if you could merge the two plugins and also possibly the "footer content" plugin, and somehow allow the network admin a series of options when configuring the Ultimate Branding Plugin when it comes to footers and admin bars:

1) Having a global, network-wide footer and/or admin bar (while disabling the ability for individual site admins to customize their own - how it works now).

2) Allowing the individual site admin to customize their own Admin bar and footer content, unique to their site - without displaying the network admin bar and/or footer.

3) Merging the network & site admin bars and having the network global footer appear under the individual site footer. (For the admin bars, perhaps an option could set who's preferences go into effect for hiding default links; the network's choices or the site admin's choices).

I know bare bones of coding and that's usually propped up by a google search or two... so I don't know how complicated this would be. I just think it would be great to have all the flexibility of these three similar plugins under one roof.

If merging them is out of the question, perhaps an "override" setting could be implemented, such that if Ultimate Branding detects the use of either the "Custom Admin Bar" and/or the "Footer Content" plugin, it will disable its modifications of the Admin Bar and/or Footer, respectively.

Just a thought.