CometChat Doesn't Recognize Logged In Users

Sorry to bother you with this but CometChat tech support is not available until Monday and I need to get my Chat Rooms running for my regulars.

I had updated to their latest version 6.3 but the GUI was so awful that I decided to revert to an older version. I tried 6.2.5 but it threw off the formatting of my content and widgets, so I am back to v6.1.

CometChat is not recognizing my logged in users, including me.

I have tried uploading backups but with no success. This is how it stands now.

I have uploaded a clean version of v6.1 and made the following changes.

#1 cometchat/integration.php – change 4 instances of wp-content to mary-content

#2 cometchat/config.php

Line 78: define(‘BASE_URL’,setConfigValue(‘’,’/cometchat/’:wink:);

Line 337: Set CROSS_DOMAIN to 1

Line 342: Set CC_SITE_URL to your site’s URL e.g.

define(‘CC_SITE_URL’, setConfigValue(‘’,”:wink:);

Add under

// Pulls the language file if found


if (!defined(‘DB_AVATARFIELD’:wink:) {




#3 themes/generatepress-child/header.php – Add the following code immediately after <head> tag.


var userid = ‘USERID’; // Must be populated programmatically

document.cookie = “cc_data=”+userid;


<link type=”text/css” rel=”stylesheet” media=”all” href=”” />

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”” charset=”utf-8″></script>

Can you tell me please what I am missing that CometChat is not recognizing my logged in users.

Support Access is granted.