Coming from desktop DW going to WP mobile

I have been using Dreamweaver since ver 4 (previous century) and have recently started using WP specifically to implement pay per view on a page but my main site is still DW based which is fast becoming a liability to me as 65% of my visitors are on an iphone or ipad and my site is currently quite unfriendly to mobile and I'm thinking to transition fully to WP mobile.
I'm finding WP a bit hard for one it's not wysiwyg so much and I'm a visual producer rather than a coder. (for me code is something paypal produces for me to copy and paste on a page, not something I can do freehand)
I have the ppy pluging and am using the simple 2013 theme.
I'm not even sure what I'm asking for here other than an easy way to retire my old desktop oriented site to a new slick mobile friendly bersion