Comment Avatar's on top instead of aligned left...

I have made dozens of fixes on this theme and am getting ticked. The coding is horrid and it seems these little problems are done on purpose so a coding newbie needs to hire and pay for your additional support.

I mean REALLY? I am not an expert, but not a newbie either. Some of these minor mistakes in coding are obvious and should have been handled when you consider this theme is over 2 YEARS OLD!

And your support community threads are seriously lacking for this theme. I have wasted hours looking for help without any solutions. Many of the threads simply end with the end user finding their own solution without any REAL help. And Tammie needs to take her time with responses... some of them are completely illegible.

OK, rant over...

Can you just tell me straight away where to go to make the comment avatars align left to the comment title and text so the box isn't a mile long? And while I'm at it... H3 for the comment header is too big... how do I fix this?

And YES, I am proficient at using Firebug so please don't point me to your videos. The problem is the time and effort using Firebug to HUNT DOWN small problems that should have been fixed long ago. For example, I had to fix the Post-Meta box because it didn't show the date correctly and the text ran into each other. These are things I never experience with FREE Themes!

I have been totally beat to death on this theme... I just hope your plugins work better.

Thanks for your help and attention on this matter.

  • Jeffri

    Hi there TKO,

    Sorry about the issue you had and thank you for letting me know.

    First for the avatar, well, it was intended to place it on the top instead of left initially. But I'd agree with you that it should be placed on the left. I'll add this in the next version, but for now, you can change this CSS bit. Open /_inc/css/bpbusiness.css with your favorite text editor and look for line 41 that looks like this:


    Change it to:

    .children .comment-content{margin-left:45px;}

    And to change h3 comment header, please add the following CSS:

    #comments h3 {font-size:16px;}

    Change 16px to any size you want (initially, it's 18px). You might also want to remove the text-transform, so it doesn't transform all the text to uppercase. If you do, then add this CSS:

    #comments h3 {font-size:16px; text-transform:none;}

    You can add this CSS to the same file as the above file (bpbusiness.css) or better, you might want to add this to a child theme so you don't lose this change in later update. Let me know if you need assistance on this.

    Thank you for being a member!


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