Comment Management

I'm having a difficult time getting the comment notifications to go to the correct person, I'm hoping someone can help me with this. Our sites are set up with 3 Administrators (who are also super-admins) - the people who need to be checking and managing everything on the sites. Each site will also have another user, this is the one in charge of comment management and making blog posts. This user has Author permissions (this can be changed to something else, but we want to limit what they can do to just full comment management and blog posts).

This 4th users email is in the blog Settings > General > Email Address.
Under Network Admin > Sites > Edit > Settings the Admin Email is the Author user.

But comment notifications are still going to one of the administrators, the one who has created the pages the comments are being added to. Is this the reason why?

We need all comment notifications to go to the Author user, irregardless of who created the page the comments are attached to. Is there any way to force this to happen?