Comment management system

This plugin only provide commenting facility using 4 login providers.

To really become a comment management solution, it should provide additional functionality. This can be build in the current plugin itself or may be provided through another plugin. Please consider this as feature request, I am not pulling your legs. I am achieving all these feature by use of as many as 6-8 plugins currently available from wordpress directory but feels that all feature be compiled into one plugin for ease of use, security and durability and to decrease chances of conflicts between many plugins.


Comment rating: Comment rating and sorting comments by rating in frontend so that an user can read best comments selected by the community rather than going through whole bunch of comments.

Comment rating review at backend so that review process for comments get facilitated by power of crowd (crowdsourcing) and administrator can easily find out spam etc. this can further be enhanced by “report this comment” feature in addition to rating.

Live comment preview : currently this can be achieved by wordpress plugin Live comment preview

Quote Comments: facility to creates a little quote icon in comment boxes which, when clicked, copies that comment to the comment box wrapped in blockquotes.

oEmbed for Comments: useful for feature rich commenting system.

WYSIWYG editor: to enable WYSIWYG editor TinyMCE on the comment field provided

Comment length limitation : essential so that large comments distorting the layout of site can be prevented. Facility to displays a countdown of the remaining characters available as users enter comments with a facility to set total comment length limit in backend.

I use following plugins to achieve rich comment functionality in my blogs: CommentLuv, Comment Rating, Conditional CAPTCHA for WordPress, Greg’s Comment Length Limiter, Live Comment Preview, oEmbed for Comments, Quote Comments, Riffly Video/Audio Comments, Subscribe To Comments, WordPress Thread Comment, MCEComments. All of them are available free of charges from the wordpress plugin directory.

In addition to these many other features can be suggested or found at wordpress directory.

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