Comment Plus and Bueno from WooThemes


Just tried to install Comment plus on Bueno from WooThemes, and theme is pretty old, so I think that is why it does not work.

I don't know how to find what kind of hooks they are using. Can I somehow just insert comment plus into the comments.php ?

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    Hiya kprimdal,

    Yeah, just took a look at this and you'll have to do some minor edits to comments.php in the bueno theme in order to get this working.

    For example, add the following on line 81:
    <?php do_action("fb_comment_formstart");?>

    Then add the following on line 122:
    <?php do_action("fb_comment_formdone");?>

    Save the file.

    Now, in the comments plus settings, add the above to the start and finish injection hooks like so:
    Start injection hook: fb_comment_formstart
    Finish injection hook: fb_comment_formdone

    Once you've completed the above, the comments plus plugin will be used in place of the default woo comments.

    Hope this helps!

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