Comment Plus conflict with WordPress comment


I’m a Gold member and an active user of your plugins…But honestly, I have found few conflicts between your plugins and other wordpress plugins…And frustrated to disable your plugins…

This time, I have a conflict between Comment Plus plugin and WordPress comment plugin.

It took my 5 hours to figure out where the issue comes from.

1) If Comment Plus is activated, I have the following issues:

– Duplicate comment issue

– Comments are posted as anonymous (can see it on admin section) but can’t see the comment on front end

– I have changed the hook setting to match with my current WordPress comment hook: comment_form

2) If Comment Plus is deactivated, everything works like a charm…(including with Kaltura All In One Video Plugin !)

3) But I want to use Comment Plus !!!

– So can you help me to entirely disable the WordPress Comment so I can use Comment Plus (WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, G+)…with my current Kaltura ALL In One Video Plugin

– Or can you make both WordPress Comment and Comment Plus work together like a charm???!!

Thank you,


  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay


    thanks for posting.

    you can disable wordpress comments in the comments plus settings.

    dashboard > settings > comments plus

    tick the box to hide wordpress comments & select a preferred comments method. (see screenshot 1)

    you can also enable the troubleshooter addon in the settings. then scroll to the bottom to see if any issues are listed. (screenshot 2)

    hope this helps.


  • jaafoundation
    • New Recruit

    Hi Vaughan,

    I have tried with your propositions…


    1) If I check “Do no show comment with…WordPress” – I received the following error message when I try to post a comment:

    [ Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that! ]

    1.1 Checking this “Do not show comment with…WordPress” hide the Comment Plus WordPress Tab only but not hide WordPress comment at all…So If an user post a comment from the normal WordPress comment…This error message comes out…

    2) If I leave “Do no show comment with…WordPress” uncheck…It works like a charm…BUT…

    2.1 This Comment Plus WordPress Tab appears with User Display_name…A click on this Tab doesn’t open the WordPress comment plus area…But it works fine for Facebook, Twitter, Google+…

    Question: What is the solution to make it work with ” Do not show comment with…WordPress checked” ?

    PS: I have also enabled the Troubleshooter addon



  • Vladislav
    • Dead Eye Dev


    This sounds like a problem on a couple of levels. First up, can we please check if the comments hooks are used properly? The easiest way to do that is to edit your plugin settings and reset your “Start/Finish injection hook” options to default. Next, enable the “Custom Comments Template” add-on. This add-on will override your theme’s comments section with a known good one. Does the WordPress tab work after that? Also, does it help with the comment double-posting issue?

    If this doesn’t help, we’ll need to figure out what exactly causes the conflict. You mentioned two plugins (Katura All In One Video and WordPress comments) – which one of those is causing the issue? Also, can you please have a look which exactly plugin is the WordPress comments one – can you please share a link to it, or at least full name, version number and author’s name, so I can have a closer look into it?

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