Comment plus to include comments.php (Very Imp)

Hi, recently i tried using this plugin. If we don't install any other plugin related to facebook, this works great. However their is one very important thing i want to take in front of you, whenever we get logged in using any social network, suppose using twitter, the text box which appears is what you defined in your plugin. But i want that it should include the comments.php contents, since we have done many tweaks in it, like placing a check box for subscribe to comments & newsletter and more custom field which you can see in screenshot.

So my query is here, how i can include comments.php, so that changing tab above does not making any change below. If their are few changes required in code, please let me know asap, as i am already going late building this project.

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  • Mason
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    Hiya akkiverma,

    The plugin comes with the ability to use the comment_form_before and comment_form_after as custom hooks defining where the output will take place. Simply place these hooks in your comment.php file and make sure the other elements you want displayed such as subscription boxes for comments/newsletters appear outside these hooks.


  • akkiverma
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    As per you said, i tried it. I tried this previously too but it didn't helped. This happens because when logged in by any social network, it is configured in plugin to open his textbox rather than getting integrated to comments file. Please make required modifications at your part for this. I am attaching a screenshot for further reference. Also i have uploaded my comments.php at , plz check if i have placed hooks at the right place.

    Also to prove my point, i am attaching a screenshot of your plugin file too of class_wdcp_comments_worker.php. Where you can see that textarea is defined in the plugin when logged in.


  • akkiverma
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    I just checked in your website –

    In that org, same problem is der, the check box does not appear when logged in for other social networks and its own textbox appears. Please tag the developer here for rectifying this.

  • Vladislav
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    Actually, the integration for Subscribe to Comments plugin is built into the Comments Plus plugin, so the checkbox does appear on (or any other site that uses this plugin), for services that grant access to users emails, which is all except Twitter.

    Having said that, the plugin doesn’t currently support arbitrary custom fields for comment providers other then WordPress. The incompatibility is deeper then just an interface thing, but it can be addressed by exposing some filters on PHP side and some more custom jQuery events for the interface. This is one of the features we’re hoping to have for the next release.

  • akkiverma
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    I wished to have membership till the time you release update of this plugin, but unfortunately i don’t have this much budget to extend my membership over here. I had suggested many great suggestions for many plugins here, i wish if i had only write access on forum here even after my membership got over here. I feel that is not possible, but it was nice overall. I hope if my budget allowed in coming years, i’ll come back or read this forum as read only :slight_frown:


  • akkiverma
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    And coming to the plugin part, i feel that when any people choose any social network to comment, he/she at the same get registered on the website too. One of my friend who is a great developer like you guys, gave me a plugin which also provide login via twitter, facebook and google, And the plus point of that plugin is that it register the person too in the website. So my all custom fields are still visible to all the registered persons and they can comment to it easily and share. You can see this in action at

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