Comment Spam Pack needs some LOVE, guys.

It's been a year since there was any significant development on the Comment Spam Pack.

For those of us who rely on it to prevent spam on our multisite networks, can we get an update here?

We had to turn off ReCaptcha 2 weeks ago, and since then, our entire network has been inundated with spam.

(1) The Comment Spam Pack is on version 2.0.2, and I've just checked the other plugins that make up the pack.

AVH is now on version 3.4, incidentally.

Also, many feel that ReCaptcha is a poor way to block spam anymore. (a) It annoys users, UX suffers, and the # of legit comments goes way down. (b) It can be defeated, as has been discussed in the past.

(2) Since the Comment Spam Pack now seems to be architected as a "main plugin + add-ons", can you add a couple of ReCaptcha alternatives, like WP Pineapple or Block Spam By Math Reloaded (with Network Admin config settings, instead of blog-by-blog settings)

(3) The instructions for the Comment Spam Pack still reference Peter’s Custom Anti Spam Image Plugin (and a file called custom_anti_spam.php), although that hasn't been in there for over a year now.

Thanks guys.