Comment Spam Pack without multisite / Antispam Bee


Is Comment Spam pack only fully suppoerted in a Multisite installation?

I was using the plugin on a single site installation for some weeks and I just asked myself that there were not so many settings to do, but as the captcha and all the stuff were working from scratch I didn't care so much.

Now on a multisite install I saw the Network wide settings page:
- which for example also lets me set up 3rd party like Honey Pot.

But this page doesn't seem to be avaiable at all in a single installation? or did I just not find it?
I realized that I didn't activate the plugin itself but just the components, but now as I activated the core, still it doesn't appear.

I am also testing Antispam Bee which seems to be quite promising:

Anybody got any good experience with that plugin?

Could they run in addition to each other or doesn't that make any sense?

thanks a lot! Oli