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I have a clients WP install, currently the theme has been reset to TwentySeventeen, and all plugins disabled.

If you go to view comments in wp-admin, none show, except under “Approved” only.
I’m logged in as an Administrator, and admins have all user role capabilities.
Any suggestions where to look next? Thank you!

  • De Coder

    I solved it earlier this evening. I found that in the comments table, many of the comments had outrageously high comment_ID's.

    I had suspected it was something caused by a plugin the client had been using, that synced comments to Facebook comments, partly because it was the only plugin that had anything to do with comments, and the plugin had been abandoned a couple years back by it's author (according to a WordFence scan.)

    So I reduced the comment_ID numbers, as well as the comment_parent numbers, and reset the AUTO_INCREMENT value.

    After this, I could see the posts, in both, the backend AND the frontend of the site.

    I can only suspect that 1 or more revisions back, WP did something in an update that limited these high numbers, or else the client moved hosts, and was maybe affected by a different version of MySQL (or even PHP?)

    But anyway, it's resolved.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello De Coder,

    I hope you're well today and I'm glad you managed to solve that!

    I must say it's quite difficult to say not "why" that happened but I think you're most likely right about the FB sync plugin.

    Those high numbers alone shouldn't be a problem, unless they were really, really high, going above the range of bigint type (which is used for IDs in WP database) in which case they would be "cut off" which, in turn, can cause the mess. In such case lowering them would indeed help.

    That's an assumption only, though :slight_smile: I'm glad that you managed to fix it and thank you very much for sharing your solution. I'm pretty sure that other Members with similar issues will find that helpful!

    Have a nice day!

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