Comments on the Q&A plugin

Hi guys,

The Stackexchange websites such as tend to work like this:

# User A asks a question, User B doesn't quite understand the question so they post a "comment" on User A's question before posting an answer
# User B posts an answer to User A's question, but the answer isn't quite right, so User A and User B thrash it about in the "comments" section

For me, Q&A doesn't really work without comments. Posting an "answer" every time you need to ask a question about the Original Post isn't particularly clean, nor is it conducive to a positive environment in terms of getting to the "meat" of a question.

Is there any chance that comments can be implemented? I've just bought a membership for WPMU specifically for the Q&A plugin, only to realise that it likely won't do what I need it to do :slight_frown: