Comments Plus - Blog name too long

Just purchased Comments Plus and I'm really pleased with it. Two questions please:

1. My blog name is too long to fit into the space next to the Wordpress logo. I'm proficient with coding, can you tell me where I can hardcode this to say "Comments" please?

2. I would like to change the order of the 4 logos and texts, so that Facebook comes first. Where can I change that please?

Thank you.

  • Arun Basil Lal

    Hey there,

    Welcome to the Community!

    Regarding 1. The space next to the WordPress logo says "instant / username (for logged in users) right? It doesn't say the blog name, isn't it?

    You can edit both of these in class_wdcp_comments_worker.php in the \wp-content\plugins\comments-plus\lib\ folder

    Go to lines 83 to 86 and change the order to this:

    if (!in_array('facebook', $skips)) echo "<li><a id='comment-provider-facebook-link' href='#comment-provider-facebook'><span>$fb_name</span></a></li>";
    		if (!in_array('wordpress', $skips)) echo "<li><a id='comment-provider-wordpress-link' href='#comment-provider-wordpress'><span>Comments</span></a></li>";
    		if (!in_array('twitter', $skips)) echo "<li><a id='comment-provider-twitter-link' href='#comment-provider-twitter'><span>$tw_name</span></a></li>";
    		if (!in_array('google', $skips)) echo "<li><a id='comment-provider-google-link' href='#comment-provider-google'><span>$gg_name</span></a></li>";

    As you can see on line 83 (before the edit) I have replaced $wp_name with comments and that did the trick for point 1.

    Good luck!

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