Comments Plus - Feature Requests - Optional Tabs and WP Icon

I would like to be able to disable any of the tabs as a viable method.

For example, locking down the WordPress option, so the users choose one of the other 3 methods.

I also would like to see it optionally use a different logo for the WordPress tab so we could use the sites favicon or other branding as some people might think they need to use their account info.

  • boomboom
    • New Recruit

    Just installed the plugin on a test site.
    +1 for the suggestion for branding. For me it never mattered as I clearly understood what the Wordpress icon meant. But today while installing in my test server, I just kept the page open and went to have a bite. My wife was sitting at my desk and she asked me how to enter her details :slight_smile: She asked me how people will now comment normally "Wordpress way" :smiley:

  • emagineit
    • Flash Drive

    I don't see why this is a big issue,you can just go to and replace this image with something of ur own..right?
    can edit comments.css and edit line 56 to replcae this image with something of ur own.

  • Pedro Nave
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    I second this. I just wanna show regular commenting and via facebook without having to mess with the code to exclude the other ones. In my view those options should be considered as top priority in any future releases bug revisions exclude.

  • Vladislav
    • Dead Eye Dev


    In the latest plugin release (v1.1, just released) we incorporated some of the feature suggestions from this thread. Namely, you can now choose an icon that will be used for WordPress comments, and you can also choose which comment providing services will be available on your site.

    Also, if you want to change some of the colors or other styling, there is a way to do that safely, without getting your changes rolled back with plugin updates. You can declare your theme to support the plugin color/styling stylesheet, and the plugin will use your styles instead of the default. To do that, you can add this line to your theme's functions.php:


    Next, include any styling rules you wish in your theme like you'd normally do, and those will be applied without clashes. Since the plugin won't load its defaults, you'll probably want to define styles, images and colors it uses. You can use the plugin stylesheet file as a starting point (wp-content/plugins/comments-plus/css/comments-specific.css).

  • Pedro Nave
    • Flash Drive

    Wow, that was fast! Thanks :smiley:

    About the styling, the gravity forms for example has an option for the css to be outputted in the theme's css file. We copy all the gravity forms' css file into the theme's one and make the changes we want safely. Could something like this be considered for this plugin?
    The reason i am asking this is that i use mostly headway for my projects and the theme is updated rather frequently when compared to a "normal theme". For the clients, it would be one less thing for them to remember (the functions.php file) when updating the headway, and i could imagine for other's themes/frameworks also. It would be more simple, so to say.

  • Vladislav
    • Dead Eye Dev


    I see your point, and also I guess that adding a piece of code to your theme, as trivial as that may be, could be annoying or daunting for some users too. In the latest release, the plugin also offers a switch for this in plugin settings, under "Comments Plus Styling". Note that this functions effectively the same as the add_theme_support("wdcp_comments-specific") code - the plugin will still load its basic (generic) style which mostly has to do with placement. However, the specific stylesheet won't be loaded and your theme should define its own rules instead. If you decided to use the add_theme_support switch, you don't have to change a thing - the new option works in addition to the switch, not instead of it.

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