Comments Plus formatting not working

Hi, I'm having a huge styling problem with Comments Plus. My theme is creating some very ugly formatting and makes using Comments Plus highly unprofessional looking.

I enabled the Custom Comments Template and that hasn't worked.

I moved move lib/forms/wdcp-custom_comments_template.php to my themes folder and that didn't work either.

You can see a sample here:

  • johnol

    Ok - it turns out that various elements of the comment spam pack were preventing the comments from even being loaded which was part of the problem.

    Once I disabled that system, the comments plus appeared but it was not properly formatting. The tabs were showing bullets and rather than being aligned straight across the comment section, they were presented in a stair-step fashion. No matter what settings I tried within comments plus, it would not override my theme's default settings.

    I switched to JetPack which includes a similar (though not identical) kind of functionality because I couldn't waste time trouble shooting or trying to re-program my CSS. I needed something that worked out of the box. JetPack had no formatting issues and installed beautifully.