Comments Plus & Headway Framework

Since Comments Plus is such a big hassle in Headway I tried inserting Headway hooks as follows:

Start injection hook: headway_before_comments
Finish injection hook: headway_after_comments suggested by WPMU DEV over here -

Once I insert the hooks comments plus seems to disappear and I end up with a standard Headway comments form with no tabs for Facebook, Twitter & Google.

I have managed to start custom styling Comments Plus (without the Headway Hooks) but things are still not smooth as can be seen here -

Does anyone have more experience on Comments Plus & Headway in combination and using the injection hooks?

I would really love to make this commenting system work since I believe it's much better for sharing and SEO than any of the other free commenting systems. Furthermore there is also a problem with Twitter authentication.

I can only spend another day or so on this otherwise I will have to revert back to Disqus.