Comments Plus isn't importing comments

This plugin is not importing comments from Facebook and twitter. Can you help me?

API codes have been set up

  • elpino
    • The Crimson Coder

    Greetings steven_roddy_ii and welcome to the WPMU forums.

    Sorry to hear about the trouble you are having setting up this plugin. Let me see if i can be of some help,

    This plugin is not importing comments from Facebook and twitter. Can you help me?

    I think you got confuse here, looking at the plugin page doesnt say anywhere that it import comments, just that you can login using this great social account to comment and that if they use twitter or facebook the comments will be posted on their accounts.

    If users choose Facebook or Twitter, comments are by default posted to their own accounts, extra exposure for you!

    But wait, there is another great wpmu plugin that can actually do this just install, ultimate facebook, and set it all up it will import comments made to posts posted on your facebook accounts conected back to your page importing all comments, hope this helps.



    link for ultimate facebook

  • steven_roddy_ii
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    Very helpful thank you. Yes, I was mistaken. Now, I’m trying to figure out how to do it via Ultimate FB. I know it’s got to be something silly that I’m doing. But, also having the FB comment box only show up is not working either. Could be something in the code?

  • Mark de Scande
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    1) Now click Usage

    Here’s a quick overview of the add-ons:

    Alternative Facebook Initialization – use if you have Facebook javascript initialization conflicts with other plugins.

    Custom Comments Template – use if comment plus isn’t working with your theme. This add-on will attempt to use a known working comments template instead of your theme’s default one.

    Facebook featured post image – used to force featured images to always show next to posts on Facebook

    Social Discussion – Synchronizes the relevant discussion from social networks in a separate tab on your page.

    Fake Twitter email – use if you are having comment approval issues with WordPress due to Twitter not allowing access to users emails.

    Link to Twitter profile – forces the plugn to always use Twitter profile URLs as websites for your Twitter commenters, regardles of their Twitter profile settings.

    Mention me – Adds a pre-configured Twitter username to all messages posted to Twitter.

    I hope this helps :slight_smile:

    Now go to the bottom of the page “Comments”

    Now go to FaceBook

    So now if we go back in a hour we should see the comment posted on FaceBook on in about a hour .



  • elpino
    • The Crimson Coder

    Hey bro dint know this, haven’t use comment plus for this, looks really cool to have all comments on one page, but i was actually referring to the import feature that comes with ultimate facebook, that imports each comment made in a facebook post of the same post from the website back to the actual post on the website, the idea here is to have comments made in facebook posts back to the website, to get imported into the same post on the website comments area, i think only ultimate facebook does this. So the comments don’t stay on facebook only. is such a waste when you post your post from the site to facebook and everyone comments on facebook they get lost there, that is a nice feature to get all the comments imported back to the site on the actual webpage post.

    Cheers, And Thanks for the heads up with this addon feature of comment plus, dint know was there :wink:


  • aristath
    • Recruit

    The original poster of this issue is no longer an active member on these forums.

    I am marking this issue as resolved.

    If however at some time the member becomes active again and the issue still exists, don’t hesitate to reopen it and post an update on your current status.



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