Common Interests Plugin

Plugin suggestion. This came up on another board, so I thought I'd put it here.

With everything now going BuddyPress, what would be great is a widget that automatically gives a new user a list of matches of people that share their interests. True, right now you can search on any field and find related profiles or content. This can be difficult for people to first figure out, so if something was automatically done, it might further increase the links between members.

I guess the model would be something along the line of dating sites, which suggest other profiles to you based on some-set criteria. I'm not exactly proposing a dating plugin... but it's a good model to look at.

Say I'm running a comic-book site with 1000 members. I want people who like Spider-Man, The Sandman and Archie Comics to be able to find each other easily across the site. A new member builds their profile and, somehow, the system points out the top three people who match their interests. Perhaps their would be limits by zip code or age or gender or....

I realize there are many different directions to go with this, but any kind of "Common Interests" plugin would be great.