Common Large Category Structure for Multi-Site Marketplace

I need the groups help on this. I am confident the multi-site environment for marketpress would benefit greatly from a large,common categories list for their products. The reasons are as follows:

* Individual store owners do not have to sort out what to name their category for their items. They need only insert within an existing structure. Everyone needs structure :wink:

* Super-Admin's do not have to deal with store owners who have created poorly thought out, or worse... category names that have little relevance to the product. This is suicide in an eMall environment

I have finally gotten a script created that will import the entire Google Product Category database into the tables wp_term & wp_term_taxonomy. I have tested them and they display normally within Product Categories. It is wonderful.

However.... when it is time to add a product, the store owner must now navigate through 6000 categories to find the correct one. What we need is an autocomplete field that will allow a store owner to find smaller category trees based on their search word.

Can someone pickup on this where I have left off and build that interface for MarketPlace store owners everywhere ?

All php script files can be downloaded here to import Google Products Category from scratch from this list:

See the attached screen shot for the end result.

Also see this Youtube video demonstrating the need I wish to improve:

What sayeth the group ?