Communications for active delployments (search & rescue)

Hi all,

I would like to get different perspectives on how to solve this request. A search and rescue organization wants to use password protected posts to sync up their members for active deployments.

He want's members of his organization even if they have no WordPress user role (admin, author, etc.) to post comments were he does not have to approve them. Pretty much a private social media post & comments group. Since the posts would be password protected, there is no concerned about spam. Below is an example.
Post) There is a missing person from Little Town. We will be having and active deployment tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Comment 1) It's official. There is a search tomorrow at 7:00 am, will be meeting at the Fire department at 7:30 (Dave)

Comment 2) Please inform the team that you will give anyone a ride that needs it. (Sally)

(Comment 3) I live close to the search area and will go directly to the site. (Jeff)
Thanks in advance for your time with feedback given.