Communications per Subscription?

Quick question as I haven't found the answer yet, perhaps someone has already conquered this one...

My question is can I set up Membership Communication to trigger on a per subscription basis.

ie each subscription has it's own individual unique email communications that's sent to the members of each subscription.

The reason; we have subscriptions that differ from each other from a content perspective ie some subscription content is about swimming where as another is about cycling .etc Users of swimming don't have access to cycling email communications because it's both irrelevant to them and they haven't paid for that content/access.


Thanks in advance,

  • Ollie

    Hey Ari, @aristath

    Thanks for that, yer I tried to the Google Internet Machine myself with no immediate success.

    Yer I've noticed the developers are under the pump at the moment.. Might be time to hire some extra developers soon they seem like they are pretty swampt with requests, enquiries, support .etc... That's why I have been posting answers frequently, trying to free up some of their time so I can see some new updates to some of the plugins, particularly membership.

    All good I'll wait until they get some free time to look over this one as I think it's essential for those who are using more than one subscription with dripped content enabled. The main goal here is to make our dripped content automated and easier to manage.

    Thanks for chasing it up, look forward to hearing more..


  • aristath

    Might be time to hire some extra developers soon they seem like they are pretty swampt with requests, enquiries, support .etc...

    Actually a few days ago 2 more devs were hired (hurray!!).
    It just takes some time for them to get familiar with the code and writing style of the other devs.

    That's why I have been posting answers frequently, trying to free up some of their time so I can see some new updates to some of the plugins, particularly membership.

    I know what you mean... Back when I was a member I would answer all MarketPress threads I could find just to take some load off of Aaron and let him work on what was needed. :slight_smile:
    Thanks for that... It really works and if more people in this community thought the way you do there would be significantly less issues. :slight_smile:


  • Ollie

    Thanks @Barry, That's very good to know its a feature your implementing... Will let the clients know tomorrow as having a meeting with Senior Management.

    Yer Im running beta 3 atm... waiting mostly for multiple subs/levels hence why I haven't flooded the beta thread with more features....

    I know it's against policy to give out timelines, however it would be much appreciated if you could let us know more of a rough X % completed; development wise (no time attached). Just to get rough ball park if at all possible..

    Thanks for your ongoing assistance =)

  • Ollie

    Hi Ari,

    Hope you are well... We are still neck deep in membership development.

    This post was never resolved however it's also not in the current functionality of membership.. Thats not to say that it shouldn't be we really need this feature and Ive seen others amongst the forums wishing the same.

    We haven't had the budget to pay for the development ourselves for custom communications by subscription levels because we have spent a fair bit of our budget recently on fixing core membership bugs such as multiple positive levels not working, multiple membership admin fixes (for some reason after x number of membership admins the system stops allowing new admins) and a few other fixes that was preventing membership from working as a live production solution.

    We have since paid for all those development fixes that are associated with the WPMU Membership plugin and would be more than happy to swap them for a year of gold level access if Barry is looking to save some coding time on his front .

    We were forced to do this because we were losing money waiting for plugins to be built as stable releases.


  • Ollie

    P.S as a result of these fixes we have customised the core plugin too much against what we wanted from the developers, in any case they said these fixes had to go into the core because its part of the core functionaltiy.

    By giving you these fixes if you guys are interested in the swap it helps us out so much as well because right now we wont be able to upgrade easily at all to new versions of membership because we had to custom all the bugs out.

    Give it some thought its win win for everyone.

  • Ollie

    Hi @aristath

    Yes we are well aware it's in a transition state, it's costing us heaps to make it stable.

    The client has read this post and his concerned that he will not be rewarded for contributing these bug fixes without reward.

    If you find this functionality useful what will we get in return as your post did not cover that question. We have spent a lot of time troubleshooting, testing, refining the requirement and working with developers to get these working to how its needed for someone to run and manage membership without constant errors.

    If you can let me know the answer to that so I can pass on the message to the client who both pays for this account and has paid for all these custom fixes.


  • Ollie

    Thanks Ari, nah we posted in other places as well it wasn't so much this post that made our decision, you've always been helpful to us in the past, you can thank Terrence for these decisions he pushed us right over the edge on the issue...

    Barry didn't warm to it anyways so the client has given up and has put the working with WPMU into the too hard basket... Obviously still keeping our membership here but just distancing our assistance on forums down to a minimum for awhile... It's unfortunate because I am working on Wordpress (all kinds, single/MS/BP integrations and marketing) & WPMU (ive played with just about every plugin in your repository) every single day doing some crazy ideas and extensions from the plugins available via the higher level memberships here.

    More than happy to pay for our yearly membership because it is valuable but yer little bit more solo for us now.

    We had plenty to offer the community in return, I have the answer to soo many question in the Q&A areas but yer just feels like a waste of time if Barry & development crew are always in holiday mode... clients made the decision he needs me to pull back from WPMU and focus more on our developers understanding what we are going to improve in our own custom build... means now we don't receive the support membership updates anymore for that client :slight_frown:

  • Ollie

    Im marking this as resolved, but no it never ended up getting resolved... Hopefully the developers can get their shit together and start working on timelines so that they become accountable for their work, right now feels like a theme park in here. Hopefully everything does a big spiral and in a few years we are able to readopt the stable release but right now Membership is a beta product... until then Ari :slight_smile:

  • aristath

    @Billzy the issue here is that the Membership plugin will be taken over by another developer, that's what I meant earlier when I said that the plugin is in a "transition" state.
    Currently we have a developer examining this plugin line-by-line since he will be taking over it pretty soon.
    I was really excited about your previous post, obviously we blew it.

    Anyway, I would like to thank you for your patience and apologize once more for what seems to be lack of action on our part.


  • Ollie


    Thanks for this additional information, I gave it one more discussion with our client, he agrees with me that you have helped us in the past, we can't be mean to Ari... :stuck_out_tongue:

    Look who knows maybe we can work something out after your positive response but what we are deciding is we don't want idiots like Terrence trying to chip in with his worthless 2 cents because he views are like old stale milk. We just want to deal with you and the developer as required, as a result this would benefit all WPMU membership sites in the end..

    Im very glad you said your excited about that post because you are the first staff who has responded in a positive manner about it. We are excited about the idea if it was to go forward, we were bit disappointed from the past week.

    When you said Transition state, i thought you meant transition because Barry was slowly changing the membership from single subscription to multiple subscription, but the fact a new developer is getting involved... This is music to our ears. possibly a game changer.

    Talk with the guys from your end, we wont push this too hard but please do not hesitate to contact us, Im going to get my email and skype for you, perhaps this might help progress this situation into the right direction?


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