Compatibility Multi-Domains and Domain Mapping, what do to with both sunrise.php?

You said on the instructions

"Upload sunrise.php to the /wp-content folder on your site - If you are using the domain mapping plugin, rename dm_sunrise.php to sunrise.php and upload it to the /wp-content folder on your site "

I have both installed plugins Multi-domains and Domain Mapping. So what I suppose to do with dm_sunrise ? If a rename it to sunrise.php, it means that the other one already installed in wp-content and belong to Domain Mapping is overwrited. Is that correct ?
And what to do with the sunrise.php inside of Multidomains Plugin ?

That's not clear for me, could you explain a bit please ?

On the Chat, Ivan told me that's it's not compatible... and said

So, both plugins use their respective sunrise.php files and you can't substitute the one with the other as they have global variables named the same way. So, in a way they are not compatible. Maybe use only the Domain Mapping plugin as this provides your users the ability to map their sites to whatever domain they want, where the Multi-Domain plugin offers multi domains for your network site on which users can sign-up.

On the publicity for Multi-Domains it's written :

This is entirely compatible with our individual site (blog) domain mapping plugin so that you can map individual blogs, set up on different domains, to their own dedicated URLs too!

So, Who's right and what to do exactly ?