COmpatibility of themes with multisite mode

Hi, I have subscribe to your website, and insterested on the plugins you have and discovered the multisite mode. Some of your plugins are made for this mode. But I would have so questions. I have purchase a template from : . The thing with this teme is that it is not city based, therefore, if people dicide to feture their event in the fromnt page, then there could be hundred of them. I mean people from Montreal Canada are not interested obout fetured event that are taking place in New York, USA. To avoid that situation I stated to make one wordpress installation per city,,, For now, only is isntalled. I wanted to dupplicated after for the other cities.

Yesterday I discovered the multisite mode on wordpress. I would like to know If I can still make a wordpress installation, with multisite mode?

Would it be recommanded for me to do that this way?

Wordpress is so fragile, people hack it so easyly. I I have a multisite mode and someone hack my wesite, will all the cities be afted at the same time? There are no big issues known for using this mode?

I would like your advice as wordpress experts.

Thank you

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @mysolutions

    I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

    You can indeed still make your install a WordPress multisite, only your main install on the root domain of

    You can't create a multisite on a sub domain install of WordPress.

    Multisite is safe and as safe as a single site install is, most hacks come from outdated plugins, when people use a plugin that is made for a much older version.

    Outdated WordPress versions, and outdated themes, also never search for free themes on a search engine, you can find all genuine free WordPress themes here

    So the main rule is to keep everything updated and you should be fine, of course as with any site there is always that risk, but most attempts are brute force attempts where they just keep trying to guess your password.

    Making sure you have a strong password, mix of upper and lowercase, numbers and symbols (^*&!@) etc.

    You are correct that if your site was hacked, it would effect all websites most likely. I'd always recommend keeping a backup of your install at all times (making daily backups is a good idea) and picking a good host is also vital.

    We have a good guide here on Multisite

    Thank you!

    Kind Regards

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