Complete delete SmartCrawl and Snapshot plugins

I need to know if either SmartCrawl and/or Snapshot leave any additional data (or files or changes to files) upon deactivation because I need to completely remove them from a site.

Do the plugins clear all the data created by them after deleting them from the site? Or should I need to manually delete any data/file?

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hi Mohamed

    I hope you’re well today and thank you for your question!


    If you have sitemaps feature enabled in SmartCrawl, there’ll be two sitemap files to be manually removed from the server: sitemap.xml and sitemap.xml.gz – both located in the /wp-content/uploads folder.

    Plugin also does not (yet) clear up data from the database but it stores them all in one table so it’s relatively easy to do the clean up. You would want to look for options (“option_name”:wink: in the _options table prefixed with “wds-“, for example:


    and a few more. A search for “wds-%” on the _options table should bring them all.


    There’s a bit more to clean up in database for Snapshot. You would want to look for options (“option_name”:wink: in _options table that are starting with:



    Additionally, there are files on a server and that depends on the Snapshot settings. By default, there’s a


    folder and it contains logs, internal session data and some backups/backup files (including e.g. partial/temporary files if there were any cancelled or failed backup attempts). However, if you have changed the Snapshot directory in plugin settings, you would want to also look for that directory.

    Please note:

    – even though plugins currently do not do clean up, we’re systematically adding clean up options to our plugins so I’m sure such feature will also be added to these two in future

    – it’s highly recommended to take some backup of the database before making any changes to it – just in case

    – it’s possible that there might be some other references to both plugins in the database e.g. if WPML was used or some other plugin(s) (e.g. related to plugin management, db cleanup/management and so on) – but those references wouldn’t be caused by SmartCrawl/Snapshot and would have to be “tracked down” individually as they would solely depend on how these other plugins work.

    Best regards,


  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hi Mohamed

    To clean up after Membership 2 Pro start when the plugin is still installed. If you removed it, install and activate it back. Being logged in to the site go to the

    page. It will ask you if you want to continue so check the “Yes, rest everything” checkbox and click “Do it!” button. This will completely erase all Membership 2 settings and details.

    It should suffice to disable and remove the plugin after that but if you want to be “extra safe” you may search _posts table for “post_type” LIKE “ms_%”

    This should return a bunch of posts of types:


    These should be deleted if there are still any. You might also want to clean up “orphaned” post meta after that (it will also clean up orphaned data from other plugins). This SQL query should help:

    DELETE pm FROM wp_postmeta pm LEFT JOIN wp_posts wp ON wp.ID = pm.post_id WHERE wp.ID IS NULL

    Note please: you might want to replace “wp_” prefix in “wp_postmeta” and “wp_posts” above with an actual prefix that your site is using if it’s different.

    Note also: I don’t think these two steps above would be necessary but you can just check. If the first one (search) doesn’t return any posts of aforementioned types, there wouldn’t also be need to clean up _postmeta table so start with resetting the plugin and that should do the trick.

    In any case, if you are making any operations in the database directly after all, please make sure that you do have a full and valid db backup at hand, just in case.

    Best regards,


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