complex appointment scenario, assistance for a newbie welcome ;-)

Hi WPMUDEV support,

i am really excited on my first day as member and jumped right into the usage of those great plugins. one of the most eagerly expected once is the appointments+, since we need to offer dates for our trial lessons (music enthusiasts can test their desired instrument at the closest school nearby) via website. so here is the scenario:

1. We run 10 Music Schools (locations in app+ terms) in different communities;
2. in each of our school we do offer at least 4 instruments or vocal classes (services)
3. our staff (provider) ranges from one teacher up to 8 per instrument and school
4. some of our teachers give lessons in two instruments, e.g. vocals and piano
5. some of our teachers work in more than one school

That is the scenario i am dealing with all this morning :wink: So visitor should pick the closest school nearby, choose his instrument (it could be the other way around as well, this would be more customer friendly) and in the last step a corresponding teacher. Next he picks the date of his choice, enters his contact details, confirms and we are done.

What i did so far is to set up some example teacher and two of our schools, but this is where i got stucked: I cannot attach more than one school or instrument to a single teacher and could not come up with some workaround. So some advice is highly appreciated.

what a fine piece of plugin, i have been searching something like this for years, thank you!

Best regards, Sebastian.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hey Sebastian,

    I hope you're having a nice day and welcome to our community!

    I'm very glad you find our Appointments+ plugin handy and I'm sure it will server you well as it was designed exactly for such scenarios. I do realize however that the setup can be a bit tricky at first so I think it'd be best if we go through this step-by-step.

    1. Create services: one service = one instrument (including vocal) = single type of class
    2. Create service providers: one service provider = single teacher
    3. For services: setup "capacity"; for example if there can be only 1 violin class at once set its capacity to 1 and if there can be 3 guitar classes at once (because there are 3 teachers) set it to 3
    4. Assign services to service providers (instruments to teachers): on "Services provicers" tab you can assign more then one service to a single service provider and also one service can be assigned to a different service providers;
    5. Set up working hours

    At this moment you should have a basic booking system running. However it's still lacking a few important features.

    6. You'll need Locations, Service Locations and Worker Locations add-ons. These can be enabled on the "Appointments->Settings->Add-ons" page of your dashboard.

    - Locations: these will be your schools (physical locations)
    - services: these are your instruments (instrument classes)
    - service providers (otherwise: workers) are your teachers

    - with aforementioned 3 add-ons you should now be able to bind existing "Locations" also to services (instruments) and service providers (teachers)

    This will let you create a "network" (relationships) between all the "elements".

    7. Finally, on the "Appointments -> Settings -> Add-ons" page enable "Shared Resources" add-on:

    - then on the "Services" and "Service Providers" page try to "tie up" those services (and, respectively, service providers) that could otherwise result in overbooking

    For example: there may be teachers that can teach 3 instruments but not 3 at once.

    I hope that helps. I do realize that this is just a basic description but hopefully it will point you in a right direction and in case you'd need further assistance do not hesitate to ask. I'll be glad to help. Also, it may make things a bit easier if you'd in such a case grant us a support access to your site using our WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin:


  • Sebastian

    Awesome, Adam, thank you so much! With the first answer from the WPMUDEV Support Crew you proved my decision to join the right one. You brought me quite close to the real soulution, only some fine tuning is left to do and we hopefully become Europe`s first music school with an online booking system. I will keep you updated, but so far thank you a 1000 times.

    Cheers, Sebastian of Musikzentrale.

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