Complex Appraisal System (need advice)

Hi, i'm opening this ticket only to ask for suggestions and directions, not because i expect this job to be solved or done by the support. So thanks in advance for your advices.

I'm building an internal training wordpress platform ( that is used for two major things:
1 - Storing and downloading documents, procedures, protocols, etc - Like an online library
2 - Train employee through courses and assessing their abilityes with quizzes - this is done through learndash

The client then asked me for a new thing, adding a system where he and three more people (the higher ups) can fill in a (enormous..-.-':wink: questionnaire that is used to evaluate a trainee after the trial period, to decide if it is ok to keep him/her or not. The problem is that everything needs to be done from the front end.

So i'm searching a way to do so, without adding too many plugins to my site, that is currently pretty heavy.

So the general idea would be to find a plugin or resource that lets me create a page with all the custom field and stuff, that are editable from the front end, and then saves the fields in a custom post type. Than the others that need to complete the evaluation can access that custom post type through a custom search or table, and can edit it from the front end.

To me, that i'm a no code persone, sounds quite difficult, so please if anyone has advices or ideas, i'm all ears :wink:

The site is built with the DIVI theme, Learndash for the elearning part, and Memberium to protect content.



  • Jonjon

    Hello there, Matteo.

    Hope you are doing great and thank you for contacting us.

    Well, if I understood you correctly, at this point you want a plugin that allows you to make an evaluation form on front-end and analyze the results on back-end correct? In this case I believe Forminator PRO can do that work for you. You can add multiple choice questions, True and False simple questions and text answer and conditional logic and many other types you would need.

    However, we do have a Coursepress plugin ( Have you checked it out by any chance? It has a built in quiz system (that you could use for your questionnaire) and many other interesting features that could come in handy for someone offering courses online.

    Hope to have been of help.


  • Matteo

    Hi Jon,

    First thanks for your answer.
    Second, unfortunately it's not what i'm looking for. The problems, as i was stating in the first post are different:

    1 - All the people that do the evaluation needs to fill in part of the document for every evaluation. So for example let's say there are three people that do the evaluation of the newcomers, so each one of these three have to fill in a part of the evaluation, that regards their office. So a single form would not solve the issue unfortunately.

    2 - Those evaluations needs to be EDITABLE, because (following the example before) all the three people doing the evaluation to the subject need to fill in part of the details, and maybe they do it in different times and days.

    So this is what i thought:
    i create a Custom Post Type, the evaluation
    This post is nothing more that a long form (on the frontend) containing all the possibile fields all the three people doing the evaluations need, all in one page.
    Each person doing the evaluation to a subject opens the post in the fronted, fills in the details they have, and save, and the form transfer the data inside the custom post type.
    If others need to edit the evaluation they access the same post, and fill in the remaining data, or made changes.

    So the thing i need is (i think) a form plugin that lets me do those things, and that in the front end shows what is inside the custom fileds for that particular evaluation.
    I don't really know if i was clear..sorry. It's difficult to explain this in english.

  • Jonjon

    Hi Matteo.

    Thank you for your fast reply. I see what you mean now and yes, it's a bit complex :slight_smile:

    However, I can recommend our plugin With it you can create post types and distinguish your new post types with custom fields. Add text boxes, radio buttons, dropdown menus and checkboxes. And some features more.

    That could help you applying your idea, which seems good solution for your problem.

    Hope to have helped and let me know if you have any doubts.


  • Matteo

    Hi Jon,

    Yes, that is useful. As of now i always used Pods to create custom post types, taxonomyes and custom fields, but if your plugin does the same and is in this ecosystem will be a good idea to start using it.

    The real thing that i do not know how to achieve is find a plugin that lets imputting data in those custom fields from the front end and then let users see and edit those custom fields when needed, always from the front end.'s quite complicated :sweat_smile:

  • Jonjon

    Hi Matteo.

    Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend you one plugin in particular that I know of that could work for all your needs, as there are many details involved in such a project.

    However, this article seems to list some that seem good options: I see that Front-end Publishing Pro seems to be able to allow front-end edition based on custom post types, so that's a start for example.

    But I do suggest you to look closely so you get one that will suit all your needs.

    Hope to have helped and have a wonderful day.

    Best Regards,

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