Complex Membership concept – Splitting up monthly membership fees

I was asked to start this as a support forum, here has been the email exchange so far.


Are ur membership plugins capable of the following. I’m putting up a site that is for entertainment fans

I need an option where fans can choose which artists to support and then their subscription fee gets equally split up between the artists they’ve chosen. In other words. If they pay $10/month, they get to pick 3 artists that get $2.50 each, and $2,50 goes to my company. That way they fan can support their artist while getting the content in them membership site

Are your plugins, and developer team capable of providing those abilities for my membership site?

Thanks for ur time.



our Membership plugin wouldn’t be able to handle this, as this is an actual limitation from the payment gateways.

What you require in this scenario, is a plugin that would be capable of handling multiple accounts (for example, many Paypal accounts which isn’t possible) and also receive a % of the users purchases.

So in this case, I’m afraid that this could only be achieved through custom coding. We’ve got a great job board to help facilitate that sort of custom work:

But on that note, I also have another suggestion. For example, you could create a similar environment in a WordPress Multisite installation.

For example. You charge your users in order to first subscribe to your site ($2.50).

Once they subscribe, they will be able to access a directory of your sub-sites, which would basically be individual sites for each artists.

Then, they would be able to support them, for example via donations.

I know that this isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, as users would be able to subscribe to your site and then donate as many artists they would like, but at least Multisite will allow your artists to receive donations, and on the other hand, you will charge users in order to access artists sub-sites.

This is something we’d also love to discuss through our forums, so please do open a support ticket, or if you’re still having trouble with that, let me know in order to assist you further.


The sub sites and donations model won’t work, but is there any way I can come at it from another angle? I don’t necessarily need money auto-routed, I just need to track who gets how much….so could it do something like this—

**Every artist who is a contributing member of site content is listed somewhere as a preference option. The members/fans have to select 2 or 3 of them before they can access content as “Their Artists.” At the end of each month my account team could have something auto-tally how many fans have selected them as artists to support, and my company issues payments to each individual artists every month.

Honestly, I don’t care the method by which its accomplished, I just need some creative way to track how much I need to send each contributing artist on a monthly basis…I’m way way open to any ideas that anyone can come up with. Thanks so much!

P.S. Please keep in mind that I know these are very basic model development questions, I have not really gone through your plugin at all, but that’s part of the reason why I bought this membership, so you guys can help me figure out the best way to come at it so I don’t waste a lot of time going one route when someone better than me in this area might have a much better idea and way of starting out.

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello David,

    I hope you’re well today and thank you for your question!

    I can see what you’re wishing to achieve here, yet it’s indeed quite a complex concept. I guess I’m not able to give you any ready “out-of-the-box” solution but here are two ideas that came to my mind that may help you track the contributions:

    A) What if you treated your artists as… products? Although it doesn’t sound good at all, it might be a way. You could setup a MarketPress eCommerce store then and users would be able to “pay a price” (that would be actually a donation). The drawback here is that the prices would be fixed although you may define variations.

    B) Using a Protected Content Plugin you could (it would be a bit of work though) setup a subscription plans (one or more – e.g. with different prices – for each artist) thus allowing your users to “subscribe for an artist”. Those subscriptions could even be recurring in this case. Another benefit is that you could “hide” some content (e.g. artist’s pages) behind a Protected Content in order to allow to see it only those users that payed.

    A combination of those plugins would also make sense: a subscription that makes members pay the fee for you and a MarketPress store for donations.

    We also have a Fundraising plugin! Have you checked it out? You can find more information on it here:

    Let me know please if this ideas make sense to you!



  • David Blair
    • New Recruit

    I completely understand both of your ideas and they absolutely make sense.

    WITH SOLUTION A: I can’t see it working because the subscription needs to be an autopay every month. It’s a subscription based site

    SOLUTION B: I don’t at all mind any amount of work. I’m fully aware that my idea will be lots and lots of work…that’s given, and it’s all good because I’m passionate about it. The whole concept is that members get to pay ONE price for access to every artist in the database. 75% is split among their favorite artists that they pick from every month’s subscription, and the other 25% goes to my company I’m building. The concept I’m operating from…which is the same concept that you guys at WPMU DEV have built your entire business on…is that for one low price they are getting ultra high value by having access to all artists in the database rather than just getting the specific artists they like. By being able to select their top 3 artists they simultaneously get a lot of value from hopefully a lot of artists, and the artists make money by producing the best content to get the subscribers to select them as their favorite. I have expansion and future ideas as well. The main possible one being that I eventually want to be able to track which subscribers visit which artists content the most so that I can give those artists bonuses, or reward them for content and traffic

    I’m open to ALL ideas, I’m not opposed to simply hiring a company outright to design the entire thing from the ground up, but since WPMU DEV membership advertises all wordpress support it made me wonder if wordpress was capable of handling something like this, and maybe I should use existing platforms with modifications from experts such as yourselves even if I did need to hire a custom coder to get everything I need.

    It seems to me that there are two ways to approach this. ONE – if I have it designed from scratch, I don’t have a track record of the software platform to be able to handle high media, high volume traffic, and as with all software, many bugs will have to be worked out….

    OPTION TWO – I use existing platforms/companies/plugins with proven track records, and use their experts (such as yourselves or others) to custom code existing products BECAUSE they have a proven track record and a lot of developmental bugs already worked out.

    Honestly…I need expert advice…and paying you guys your membership seemed well worth your plugins plus “this consultation” since you guys are “EVERYTHIng WORDPRESS!!”…lol…so far your feedback and responsiveness has been amazing so thank you so much even up to this point. :slight_smile:

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hey David,

    I hope you’re well today!

    Here’s another idea that came to my mind: you might charge users for a membership (not necessarily recurrent) and in exchange for their payment reward them with myCred points. The myCred plugin supports MarketPress eCommerce and might also act as a payment gateway for it. So if users where given points you’d have their money. You could set “prices” for artists with points only.

    For example:

    – 1 point = 1$

    – an artist is valued 2 point

    – user buys membership for 10$ (he may choose one of predefined values)

    – he’s given 6 points

    – he now can “buy” exactly 3 artists

    – you know which artists where bought and how may times so you can transfer the proper amount of foundings to them.

    MyCred plugin can be found here:

    What do you think about that?



  • David Blair
    • New Recruit

    That is definitely a possible solution. I’m in the process of cost comparison of my time it would take to do it, vs the cost of hiring a company…if I go the route of me developing it for sure, I’ll definitely follow up on this idea. You are the best Adam. Thank ya.

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