Complicated setup - one-off fee with time frame event limited

Hi there,

I'm having a complicated situation at this point which I need to make sure of its possible or not. (warning: might be confusing)

On a subsite I have running an events page using the Events+ plugin. Now the owner of the subsite wants to host events (sport classes) for a limited time frame (lets say 3 weeks and only on sundays) with a price that covers the 3 weeks, which will repeat again once the 3 weeks is over. So a repeating Event of 3 weeks with a price that covers only the 3 weeks.

Now the tricky part:
The Sundays will only have a certain amount of open spots (class can only hold 10 people).

On top of that there is an on-off fee of becoming a member. And only members can book the classes.

And that is it in a nutshell. So if anybody was able to follow this and not have a headache, please share your thoughts on this one and maybe some advice on how to achieve this with only plugins and limited coding- if possible.