Compressing and resizing specific images

I've used WPSmush to decrease the image sizes, and it's somewhat improved my site speed, according to Google:

But it's still highlighting a handful of images that could be decreased. I've had a look at them in the library, and it looks like they have already been smushed, and I can't see a way of doing that any further. Am I missing something - is there a way of losslessly compressing them, or will these files always be flagged by Google?

I should say, I'm no expert in WP, so apologies if this is a daft question.


  • Jude
    • DEV MAN

    Hey @susi

    Hope you are keeping well.

    This is because the algorithm, optimizes slightly differently based on the image dimensions. At this point you can either replace the images with the one you downloaded from google. Or you can slightly alter the dimensions and try to Smush again.


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