Compression Not Working for HTML within Hummingbird

The compression feature for html is giving me the following error:

gzip is not working properly:

– Your server may not have the “deflate” module enabled (mod_deflate for Apache, ngx_http_gzip_module for NGINX)

– Another plugin may be interfering with the configuration

If re-checking and restarting does not resolve, please check with your host or open a support ticket with us.

I contacted the hosting company “HostRocket” and they checked and the “deflate” module is enabled.

I have turned off all plugins and no change in the error.

I have the same exact setup with testsite4.thinkbrightmarketing (the test site for this build) and don’t have any issues.

In addition, the minification on this site is conflicting in ways it did not on the test site. Not sure if there’s a separate conflict.

Access has been given.

Thank you in advance. I am hoping it’s a simple tweak, or issue.