'Concierge' installation for site with diff' host?

I’ve looked at the hosted service intallation offered by wpmu dev with psek and want to ask if it’s possible to get you guys from wpmu dev to do the same for a site on another hosting service?

I already have a site running elsewhere, and would like you to install all the stuff you offer the hosted package for the buddypress install, essentially the full gammut of plugins, videos, etc, everything you have.

I have a friend I can ask to do this, but I feel like I’m being a niusance asking him to do so much, and would be happy to pay for a pro install of everything all at once from you guys, if you will do it for me?

Plus, I figure it’s more sensible to just have absolutely everything installed in one hit, rather than doing it in dribs and drabs, then it’s all there to use without any further hassle.

Can this be done guys, and, if so, price?

I know I could post this in the jobs board, but I’ve already posted a very short and simple job there about something else, and got only one response that didn’t complete, so I don’t have a lot of faith in that jobs board. I’d rather hire you guys to do it, seeing you already do it anyway with the psek installs and definitely know what you’re doing. It’d be no different, just a diff’ host and bill me.

Thanks, Ed.